Honey Creek Conservation Area Trail

Missouri Dept. of Conservation

Andrew County

News, Updates, & Warnings:
Closed from Oct. 15 – Jan 1 & during spring turkey season.

From St. Joseph, take I-29 north to the Fillmore Exit.  (Number 65).  Turn south onto the outer road, also called Hwy RA, and drive to the entrance on the right.  Turn right.  There is a sign at the entrance that says “Horse Trail”.

Miles of Trails:
14 mile double loop.

Equestrian Camping:  
Yes, there is quite a large primitive camping area just inside the entrance.

Trail Notes:
This trail goes through mostly forest, but also some fields.  The terrain is gently rolling without anything too severely steep.  There are creeks to cross.  It is easy to follow due to the fact that this is a favorite place to ride in so the area gets a lot of use.  The trails are wide and kept mowed, more like “bridle paths” than single track trails.  They can be ridden with 2 or more horses side by side.

Other Trail Users:
Hikers, mountain bike riders, and hunters.

Volunteers Helping With This Page:
Donna Michelle Luce Taylor of Yellow Boot Saddlery

Photos Courtesy of Donna Michelle Luce Taylor







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