Category: Trail Tips

December Trail Tip

Cassie and I riding in the snow on my Birthday You don’t have to quit riding just because it’s winter.  A couple tips for staying warm while riding include dressing in layers.  Wear thermal underwear under your pants and shirt.  A heavy jacket made… Continue Reading “December Trail Tip”

November Trail Tip

Even though State and County Parks are usually safe places to ride during deer firearms seasons, it’s still a good idea to have some kind of hunter orange on you and/or your horse.  There are some times when a portion of the trail might… Continue Reading “November Trail Tip”

October Trail Tip

Gorgeous colors. As October passes, you’ll get to enjoy the fall colors Missouri is so well known for.   However, later in the month, leaves begin to fall heavily, hiding the trail that just a short time ago was easy to follow.  Often, your… Continue Reading “October Trail Tip”

January Trail Tip

If you like to ride in the snow and your horse is shod, spray a thick layer of cooking oil spray on the bottom of your horse’s hooves to help keep snow and ice from balling up in his hoof.  Be sure you have… Continue Reading “January Trail Tip”

September Trail Tip

Train your horse now to allow you to put a jacket and poncho on and take them back off.  Fall weather temperatures can change quite a bit, all in one day.  You want to be able to safely add or remove clothing as needed.… Continue Reading “September Trail Tip”