Category: N.W. Area Trails

Mozingo Lake Horse Trail

City of Maryville Location: Nodaway County News, Updates, & Warnings: Open during hunting seasons so please use caution. Directions: From Maryville, take Hwy 136 east to Hwy EE, turn north.  Follow Hwy EE, which will turn to the left and then curve to the… Continue Reading “Mozingo Lake Horse Trail”

Poosey Conservation Area Trails

Missouri Dept. of Conservation Location:Grundy & Livingston Counties News, Updates, & Warnings:Closed to trail riding during spring turkey season and all of firearms deer seasons. There is a shooting range in the area so make sure your horses are used to the sound of… Continue Reading “Poosey Conservation Area Trails”

Honey Creek Conservation Area Trail

Missouri Dept. of Conservation Location: Andrew County News, Updates, & Warnings: Closed from Oct. 15 – Jan 1 & during spring turkey season. Directions: From St. Joseph, take I-29 north to the Fillmore Exit.  (Number 65).  Turn south onto the outer road, also called… Continue Reading “Honey Creek Conservation Area Trail”

Bunch Hollow CA

Missouri Dept of Conservation   Location: Carroll County   News, Updates, & Warnings: Open to hunters during hunting seasons.   Directions: From Chillicothe take Hwy 65 south to Hwy Z.  Continue south on Hwy Z to County Road 708 and follow to the dead… Continue Reading “Bunch Hollow CA”

Bonanza Conservation Area Trail

Missouri Dept of Conservation   Location:  Caldwell County  News, Updates, & Warnings:  Closed during firearms deer and turkey seasons. Directions:   From Chillicothe, take Hwy 36 west to Hwy 13, turn south.  Follow Hwy 13 to Hwy F, turn east.  Drive on Hwy F… Continue Reading “Bonanza Conservation Area Trail”

Riverbreaks C. A. Trail

Missouri Dept of Conservation Location: Holt County News, Updates, & Warnings:Open to hunters during hunting seasons.Directions:   From St. Joseph, take Hwy 29 north to Hwy 59, turn west.  Drive until you come to Hwy O, turn south.  Follow O until you get to the… Continue Reading “Riverbreaks C. A. Trail”

Crowder State Park Trail

Missouri Dept of Natural Resources Location: Grundy County       News, Updates, & Warnings:  Trail Alert:  You must call 1-660-359-0900 daily to see if this trail is open. No hunting allowed here expect special managed hunts. Directions:    From Chillicothe, take Hwy 65 north… Continue Reading “Crowder State Park Trail”