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10 Things To Do With Your Horse During The Winter

  1.  Spend down time brushing up on basic ground work.   2.  Practice “Stand Still”.  This will help in the spring when you want to easily mount your horse.   3.  Practice “Come Around”.  Teach him/her to swing their hind quarters toward an… Continue Reading “10 Things To Do With Your Horse During The Winter”

10 Horsekeeping Things To Do For Fall

1.  Turn your clock back 1 hour before you go to bed Saturday night, Nov. 5th. 2.  Get a fire extinguisher if you don’t have one or replace it if it shows any signs of wear. 3.  Make sure your liquid medications, etc.,  are… Continue Reading “10 Horsekeeping Things To Do For Fall”

10 Easy Obstacle Course Ideas

Half of my obstacle course. I love working in an obstacle course.  I don’t really look at it as a way to totally desensitize my horse, I want him to stay sensitive enough to sense danger, and I don’t want him to so blindly… Continue Reading “10 Easy Obstacle Course Ideas”

10 Challenges To Keep Your Horse Life Going Through The Winter

Between the fact that we’re going into what is normally the coldest and snowiest period of winter and it’s the first of the year, I thought I’d list a few Challenges you can do for you and your horse this time of year. I’ve… Continue Reading “10 Challenges To Keep Your Horse Life Going Through The Winter”

10 Things NOT To Do While Trail Riding

Most of these seem like common sense and self explanatory, however I still see all 10 of these things being done on a regular basis. 1. Don’t ride when the trails are too wet.  It often creates a moonscape surface that causes controversy with… Continue Reading “10 Things NOT To Do While Trail Riding”