Special Use Permit Only

There are a few Conservation Areas that allow horseback riding as long as the rider obtains a Special Use Permit.  (SUP) These Permits are free; you just need to ask.

In most cases, you can correspond via email if you so desire.  They will email you a copy of the application for your records, an area map, along with the conditions.  The Conditions page is the portion that you will need to Print, Sign, and Return – either email or mail.

Atlanta-Long Branch Conservation Area

atlanta-long branch CA
Macon County
Area Manager is Andrea Pearson at 660-385-4920.  (Andrea.Pearson@mdc.mo.gov)  This area is primarily used for hunting; therefore the special use permit is limited to the dates of Jan 16 – Sept 14.  Also do not ride during Spring Turkey season (3 weeks) or the Youth Weekend for Turkey Season.  If expecting a group, say several ppl with permits get together, it might be good to touch base with Andrea, in case they are planning an activity like monitoring bats, etc.  If planning a larger ride, like a saddle club, definitely touch base prior.  Though managed as one area, Atlanta – Long Branch CA are technically two different areas since MDC leases the Long Branch portion for the COE.  Andrea typically writes the Special Use Permits to encompass both areas since she manages them together and they are attached to one another.

Current River Conservation Area

current river
Shannon, Reynolds, Carter County
Annabelle at 573-663-7130 (annabelle.lanham@mdc.mo.gov)  Horseback riding is allowed on Current River C.A. & Logan Creek C.A., but all horses and vehicles are restricted to existing roads and road trails.   Annabelle works with the area managers for both Current River and Logan Creek Conservation Areas so you can contact her regarding both of those two areas.

Fuson Conservation Area

Wright County
Area Manager is Shane Rice 417-683-3628 x21.  (Shane.Rice@mdc.mo.gov)  He can also write a permit for Shannon Ranch CA on the same permit.  Nothing has changed for these areas.

Logan Creek Conservation Area

Logan Creek
Shannon, Reynolds County
Area Manager is Justin Warren at 573-663-7130.  (Justin.Warren@mdc.mo.gov)  Please note that this is a semi-specific date, not an open ended 1 year permit. He would like to know a general date that you plan to ride, and then you will need a permit for each subsequent occasion that you want to ride.

Marion Bottoms Conservation Area

marion Bottoms
Cole County
Frank Drummond at 573-796-0286.  (Frank.Drummond@mdc.mo.gov)  Only change is that they have been unable to maintain a mowed trail on the north levee at Marion; but in the last couple years have been working to establish a new trail along the base of the levee.

Pony Express Conservation Area


Pony Express
Dekalb County
Area Manager Brian Gilbert at 816-675-2205. (brian.gilbert@mdc.mo.gov)   Horses are only allowed in conjunction with their Field Trial Events.

Ranacker Conservation Area

Pike County
Annie or Megan at 573-248-2530.   (Megan.Boschert@mdc.mo.gov)  Riding is prohibited until the end of archery season (1/16/2018) and during the Youth and Spring Turkey seasons (April 7-8, 2018 and April 16 – May 6, 2018).  Your permit will expire on September 14, 2018 for the start of Archery Deer season.

Shannon Ranch Conservation Area

shannon Ranch
Douglas County
Area Manager is Shane Rice 417-683-3628 x21.  (Shane.Rice@mdc.mo.gov)  He can also write a permit for John Fuson CA on the same permit.  Nothing has changed for these areas.

Union Ridge Conservation Area

union ridge
Adair, Putnam, Sullivan County
Area Manager is Ryan Jones at 660-785-2420.  (Ryan.Jones@mdc.mo.gov)  They allow horseback riding through a special use permit from May 7 – Sept 1.  No riding is allowed outside of those dates.  Riders are restricted to field roads north of Hwy D. Riding within 24 hours of a rain is prohibited.  They do require that you maintain a riding log as they want to monitor usage.  You can also get a permit good for a specific date, in which case you do not need to log your ride.  He would like a 2 week window prior to the date.  An application for special permit is also available online.
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