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This trail has had a lot of work done to it by a local group of riders and the owners of a local boarding barn called Sitter Downs Horse Boarding.  They’ve helped to keep the trails maintained the last several years and have added trail signs picnic tables and more.  This trail is in much better shape thanks to all of them.


Trailhead and Equestrain Campground:
From Kansas City, take I-70 east.  Take exit 24 to at Hwy AA (S. Buckner Tarsney Road), turn south. Drive until you get to E. Hammond Road, turn east.  Follow, passing a trailhead on the right, to Brown Road, turn south.  Follow to the trailhead and camping area on the left.
(Thank you to Dan & Jan Olson for their help with these new directions.)
Day Use Trailhead:  Located on Hammond Road, follow above directions to get to Hammond Road.  It’s the trailhead mentioned above that you would pass to get to the Equestrian Campground.

Miles of Trails:
15.5 + miles.

Equestrian Camping:
Yes, there is a primitive campground on Brown road and there is a group campground for organized trail rides.  Call 816-503-4805 to get your permit.
Trailer Permit Fee: 1 Day Permit – $5.00, Season Permit – $25.00
Group Campground Fee:  $95.00 per night. Call 816-503-4800 to reserve.

Trail Notes:
There are signs posted for the Blue Route (3.4 Miles), the Orange Route (2.7 Miles), The Red Route (4.54 Miles), The Yellow Route (2.3 Miles) , The Veterans Trail, and the Pink Route (2.3 Miles).  Part of the Red Route is called Between A Rock and a Hard Place.  It’s a unique and scenic part of the trail with a lot of rock outcroppings.

There is a scenic overlook on Primitive Ridge called Baker’s Bluff.  There’s a sign there, and it’s in memory of Jerry Baker, who passed away in 2012.  This was one of his favorite trails and he rode at the park often.

The Civil War Trail is about the oldest trail in the park, starts at the Boy Scout Campground, and continues SE through the park.  It is marked with Civil War signs on brown posts. This trail merges with The Valley Trail.  The south end of this trail is eroded due to water coming off of the crop field.  

The 3 Amigos Trail was created by three friends of the Blue & Gray Trail Riders.

Timberwolf Trail is south of the primitive campground and has a neat up and down, back and forth, and down the hill track that is much like a rollercoaster.

The Goat Trail is short, keeps you from having to ride on Brown Road, and can be challenging for some riders.  It hooks up to the Blue Route.

The Lost and Found Trail is a trail that kept getting lost, being found, lost again, and found again.  This trail can be accessed from the Blue Route.

Tin Lizzie Trail is named for the old Model T that is in a ditch.  It hooks up to the Red Route.

The Ass Catcher Trail has a funny story behind it having to do with Doolie the Mule.  If you meet up with any Blue and Gray Trail Riders, ask them about the story.  

The Veterans trail is a trail that the gas company cleared and goes east to west.  It’s a roller coaster-like trail that would be great for conditioning your horse.  It can be difficult to ride when wet.  It is hard to maintain, so please ride it to help keep it open.  It was brush hogged in August of 2015.   

There are also a lot of other unmarked trails throughout the park.  You are welcome and encouraged to ride and explore them to help keep them open.

These trails are here can be difficult.  It has quite a few water crossings, quite a few hills, and very scenic with a lot of neat rock outcroppings.  It crosses the road several times.  It is well maintained, has great signage, and has rest spots along the trail.  This is one of those trails that you want to try and refrain from riding during the wet weather season or after a recent rain.  It gets heavy equestrian use and the trails can get quite muddy.  During the summer, the mud gives way to a large amount of overgrowth.  Watch out for thorns.  

Other Trail Users:

Volunteers Helping With This Page:
Thank you to The Blue and Gray Trail Riders & Sitter Downs Horse Boarding for all their work and information on this trail.
Available to officially adopt.  If interested, please contact us

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