September Trail Tip

Train your horse now to allow you to put a jacket and poncho on and take them back off.  Fall weather temperatures can change quite a bit, all in one day.  You want to be able to safely add or remove clothing as needed.  Train to allow you to do it from the ground and while in the saddle.

When I was riding in the Bob Marshall Wilderness in Montana back in Sept. of 1993, My horse Cody, had no problem with me taking out and putting on a rain slicker while I was in the saddle.  We had no clue that doing it while on the ground in front of him would be a problem.  We had just finished a lunch break when it started to rain.  As we were getting ready to mount up, I took my rain slicker off of the back of the saddle to put it on before mounting.  All of a sudden he spooked and pulled the reins out of my hands, galloping off back in the direction we had come from.  Luckily I didn’t have to hike back too far to catch him again as he stopped to graze in a small meadow about a 1/4 of a mile away.  It could have been a bad situation though, and ever since then, I’ve always trained my horse to accept me adding or subtracting clothes on the ground as well as on the saddle.   

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