Our Mission

We are a small group of volunteers who want to provide you with the most accurate and complete information we can about the trails here in Missouri that we equestrians are allowed on.

We are not a political or trail building/maintenance group.  There is already a fantastic organization here in Missouri doing that:

Please check them out and join them if you can.

The Missouri Trailblazing Book and website are meant to be used together.  The book provides detailed information and a basic map you can use, while the website provides extras that can’t be put in the book.  Here is where we will add news, changes, temporary closures, and warnings you need to know in between the book updates.  Photos, colored maps, and videos will all be added here on the website as we get them because they are things that can’t be put in the book.

We welcome anyone who wants to become part of our volunteer group, but we still appreciate any pictures, video, or suggestions any individual would like to give us.

Feel free to email us at:  missouritrailblazing@gmail.com information, pictures, updates, or suggestions.  Thank you!

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