Busiek CA

Missouri Dept of Conservation

Christian County






News, Updates, & Warnings:
Nothing to report at this time.

From Springfield, take Hwy 65 south to the forest.  Signs will show the exact exit.  The forest runs along both sides of the highway.

Miles of Trails:
18 miles in multiple loops.

Equestrian Camping:
Not allowed.

Trail Notes:
Pretty area with forest, glades, fields, and great views to enjoy as you ride through.  Trails are steep and rocky with several creek crossings.  A vary challenging trail.  The trails are wide and well worn, but it’s not marked well, so it’s easy to get lost here.  Bring a map and compass or GPS unit with you just in case you get lost.  There is a shooting range in the are and you can hear the gunfire at different places along the trail so make sure your horses are used to the sound of gunfire.  Among the different wildlife you might see here are bobcats, feral hogs, and black bear.

Other Trail Users:
Hikers, mountain bike riders, and hunters.

Volunteers Helping With This Page:
No one at this time, available to adopt.  If interested, please contact us.

Coming ASAP

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