Joanna Trail

Missouri Dept. of Natural Resources

Ralls County

News, Updates, & Warnings:
Open to hunters during hunting seasons so please use caution.

Frank Russell Campground & Trailhead:  From Hannibal, take Hwy 61 south to Hwy A in New London, turn west.  Follow Hwy A until it dead ends onto Hwy J, turn south.  Drive until you come to the Campground on the right, just before the Project Office & Dam.

Miles of Trails:
29 miles.  A linear with 3 loops.

Equestrian Camping:
Yes, at the Frank Russell Recreation Area.

Trail Notes:
Rocky steep hills, downfall and creek crossings to negotiate.  The trail corridor is well maintained and easy to follow.  If the lake is at a high level, parts of the trail will flood.  Because of the flooding, the trail can get quite boggy in the wet weather season after the lake level has receded, so it would be a good idea to call ahead and check on the trail conditions.  Parts of the trail run along the area boundary so be sure not to stray off onto private property.

Other Trail Users:
Hikers, mountain bike riders, and hunters.

Volunteers Helping With This Page:
No one at this time, available to adopt.  If interested, please contact us.

Coming ASAP


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