Holly Ridge Conservation Area Trail

Missouri Dept. of Conservation

Stoddard County



News, Updates, & Warnings:
Open during hunting seasons so please use caution.

East Trailhead:  From Cape Girardeau, take Hwy 55 south to Hwy 60, turn west.  Drive to Hwy 25 and turn north, follow Hwy 25 until you come to Hwy E.  Turn east on Hwy E and follow to County Road 537, turn south. Drive until you come to County Road 550, turn west and follow to the trailhead on the left.

Miles of Trails:
8 mile multiple loop and roads.

Equestrian Camping:
Not Allowed.

Trail Notes:
There are trails in a really wild looking portion of this area that are not, and never have been, open to horseback riding.  That area and those trails are very fragile and just can’t handle horses being ridden there.  There were obvious signs that some people were still riding it even though it is posted to stay out and had gates.  Please DO NOT ride your horse there.  You can hike into the area if you’d like to see it.  The Conservation Dept. has built some other trails in the area to help offset the fact that we can’t ride in that area.  This is a really neat area and really worth the visit, especially if you don’t mind adding a bit of a hike to your day.

Other Trail Users:
Hikers and hunters.

Volunteers Helping With This Page:
No one at this time, available to adopt.  If interested, please contact us.


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