Pomme de Terre Trail

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Polk County

News, Updates, & Warnings:
Hunting is allowed here so please use caution.
Trails will be closed Oct. 29-30, 2016 for Youth Rifle Season.

Trailhead:  From Bolivar, take Hwy 32 east to Hwy D, turn north.  Follow Hwy D to Hwy PP. (Hwy D curves to the east at Hwy PP).  Go north on Hwy PP and drive to Hwy RB. (Hwy PP curves to the west at Hwy RB).  Continue on Hwy RB to the trailhead lot.  In the park, the drive to the horse trailhead splits off to the left and goes through an open gate.  There’s a very small sign there to follow.

Miles of Trails:
20 Miles

Equestrian Camping:
Not at the trailhead, but there is a commercial trail, Pomme de Ridge Horse camp close by.

Trail Notes:
Part of this trail follows along the lake shore, other parts of it goes through forest and fields so there is varied terrain to enjoy.   The trail sign posts are color coded orange and blue to the trail map.  Possible hazards include road crossings, riding along side of the park roads, which might have traffic that might include boats and trailers, and creek crossings.  You also ride under some large electric towers near the trailhead.

Other Trail Users:
Hikers and hunters.

Volunteers Helping With This Page:

No one at this time, available to adopt.  If interested, please contact us.


Coming ASAP

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