Peck Ranch CA Roads

Missouri Dept of Conservation
Carter and Shannon Counties

News, Updates, & Warnings:
The refuge, the fenced portion of the area, will be closed on April 1 through July 1 to horses due to Elk reintroduction.
October 1 & 2, October 22 through 24, November 12 through 22, and December 3 & 4 for managed hunts.

There is a shooting range on the area so make sure your horse is used to the sound of gunfire.

From Eminence, take Hwy 106 east to Hwy H, turn south.  Follow Hwy H to the entrance road to the area.  There is a sign to tell you where to turn.  Turn east and drive to the head-quarters and gated entrance to the area.
Miles of Trails:
10 mile loop auto tour gravel road.
Trail Notes:
Horses are only allowed on the roads open as the “Auto Tour” route.  These are all roads so you won’t have any deadfall or creeks to negotiate, but there are some very steep hills.  This would be a wonderful option to ride during wet weather or yellow jacket season.
Other Trail Users:
Hikers, bike riders, and hunters.

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