White Ranch CA Roads

Missouri Dept of Conservation 
Howell County




News, Updates, & Warnings:
Open to hunters during hunting seasons.
There is a shooting range on the area so make sure your horse is used to gunfire.

From West Plains, take Hwy 17 south Hwy 142, turn west.  Follow Hwy 142 to County Road 8390, turn north.  Follow the road to the trailhead parking lot on the left.

Miles of Roads:
3 miles MDC public roads, 
3 miles MDC service roads 
14 miles of gravel roads surrounding the area for a total of 20 miles, more or less.

Trail Notes: 
This is all back road riding so the trail corridor is even, wide and easy to follow.  There is a shooting range in the area, so if you go by it, be sure your horse is used to the sound of gun fire.  There is also a lot of deer and turkey in the area, as well as other wildlife to see.  The terrain is pretty hilly, with some steeper sections. Roads that are gated are not open to horses, but you can tie up your horse and hike in if you’d like to.

Other Trail Users: 
Hikers, mountain bike riders, and hunters.   

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