Blair Creek Section

Missouri Dept of Natural Resources
Reynolds & Shannon Counties

News, Updates, & Warnings:
Open to hunters during hunting seasons.

From Salem, take Hwy 32 east to Hwy 72, turn southeast,  Follow Hwy 72 to Hwy P.  The northern Trailhead is right there at the junction of Highways P and 72.  The next trailhead is on Forest Road 2220.  That trailhead is shown on the map.

Miles of Trails:
8.5 mile linear trail.

Trail Notes:
Only the part of this trail that runs through Mark Twain National Forest is open to Equestrians.  Once you reach where Pioneer Forest starts, you may not ride any farther.  This area is very steep and rocky.  Be sure to look out for rattlesnakes, copperheads, yellow jackets, ticks and poison ivy.  All Ozark Trail sections are marked with the green Ozark Trail Logo on a white rectangle.

Other Trail Users: 
Hikers, backpackers, mountain bike riders, and hunters.

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