Chubb Trail

Missouri Dept of Natural Resources

St. Louis County


News, Updates, & Warnings:

No hunting allowed here except for special managed hunts.


West Tyson Trailhead:  
From St. Louis, take I-44 west to the Lewis Road Exit and turn right.  At the stop sign, turn left onto the outer road, go about 100 yards to the entrance, then turn right, going into the park.  After you turn into the park you need to turn right onto the park service road and follow it past the superintendent’s residence all the way to the  back, where it ends at a small parking lot.  This lot will only hold a couple of trailers. Also, it is permissible to pull off onto the grass as long as it’s not muddy and you don’t block any roads or parking areas.
To Lone Elk Trailhead: From St. Louis, take I-44 West to the Highway 141 exit.  Turn right onto North 141. IMMEDIATELY turn right, following the sign for Lone Elk Park and the north outer road.  At the stop sign, turn left onto the north outer road and follow along I-44 until the road curves sharply right.  Follow the road and there will be a half-circle pull-off on the right side after approximately ½ mile, with access to a gravel lot at the side of it.  This is the old archery lot, but is the only parking large enough for trailers.  To access the Chubb Trail, you will ride along side the road north until you get to the gates going into Lone Elk Park.  The Chubb Trail is just to the right alongside the fence, signed with a white tree on a blue background. 

Miles of Trails:
14 miles out and back

Equestrian Camping:
Not allowed.

Trail Notes:
All the trails here are now open to horseback riding.  The first 4 miles, from West Tyson, are steep hills. There is a set of step-like rock ledges to negotiate that can get slick.  Castlewood loop is a little confusing. You will ride under, and along side a set of active railroad tracks for a ways, so you might encounter a train. This park is so heavily used by the mountain bikers you might want to consider only attempting riding here during the week when it’s not as busy.

Other Trail Users:
Hikers and mountain bike riders.

Volunteers Helping With This Page:
No one at this time, available to adopt.  If interested, please contact us.

Coming ASAP.


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